Chicago Fund Raiser
Pictures from the Fundraiser 

The Chicago Fundraiser was a success. The food and entertainment were top 
notch and a good time was had by all. Even the weather was perfect. We met 
many new friend's and got to see a lot of beautiful bikes. In addition to the 
contributions of ticket holders both in attendance and from afar, many 
Teamster Locals sent contributions for Carla. Not the least of which were 
Chicago's own Local 710 who sent $3000! And Local 705 which sent $500!  
We now know who some of the other Locals were who either contributed to 
Carla's fundraiser or pledged to do so. We would like to thank these Locals 
as well,
LU: 179, LU: 703, LU: 714, LU: 726, LU: 738, LU: 743, LU: 786

A steward from Local 710 told Susie and I, that they had a meeting the 
next morning, so Susie, me, my brother Jimmy and his wife Gwen, all went to 
the meeting at 710. There we got the chance to thank President Frank Wsol and 
Int'l VP Pat Flynn (who is also an officer of 710) personally for their 
generous offering. It was extremely difficult for me to address the members 
in attendance without choking up as it was so overwhelming to me, how much 
they had done for Carla. I think that somehow I got my point across. 

After that, I tried to get us out of there (we had only about 4 hours 
sleep) but they wouldn't let us leave. My good friend, Charlie Baez (Local 710 
steward) caught me and told me Frank wanted to do something else for us. So 
we went back in and, after the regular meeting, Mr. Wsol got up to say that 
the Horsemen had done their part at the Fundraiser the night before. Now it 
was time for those at this meeting to dig in and help. With that, several 
stewards commenced passing hats around and they collected another $736! In 
addition to that, Mr.Wsol announced that they had a microwave oven his wife 
had won and didn't need. He said they were going to give it away that day and 
someone had a ticket taped under their seat. But he said don't even look for 
it because he wanted to give the microwave to Susie instead. Susie was so 
snowed under by all of this that she couldn't quit crying. Frank Wsol called 
her back up on the stage and just held her up until she could calm down. It 
was a very powerful experience for all of us. 

Again, thank you Local 710. You guys and gals are very special in our 
book. God Bless You all!

Here are some pictures from the Fundraiser for everyone to enjoy. If you 
couldn't be there, maybe these will give you an idea of what a good time it 

Thank you,
Dave and Susie Malone